August 30, 2017

August 30, 2017

Limo Anywhere Release Notes

 Dear Limo Anywhere User:

This week's release includes some improvements and bug fixes. 


  • Adjusted email sending logic to send a document to an email address only one time when email address is listed in multiple 'send to' fields.ed

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where user received error after submitting a quote in ORES 3.
  • Fixed when accessing the 'Settings and Analytics' tab for ORES 4 configuration.
  • Fixed issue with DA Net where some trip ratings were not being recorded.
  • Fixed error when generating a customer open balance report in Excel.
  • Added missing data to generated sales revenue report in Excel..
  • Fixed issue where user experienced system slowdown after adding specific affiliate to a trip.

Hotfixes (will be released by end of the week)

  • Fix the auto logout of Dispatch Grid after 15 minutes
  • Fix for Airline and Flight # fields are not showing on ORES 4.0 for Airport Drop-offs
  • Fix for sales revenue report displaying incorrect trips when ported to Excel

Thank you,

The Limo Anywhere Team 


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