ORES 4.0 Widgets

The Online Reservation System 4.0 has widgets for Quick Res and Account Login that you can use on your website.

QuickRes: This is a slimmed down version of ORES 4.0 Step 1 for your customers to quickly enter in a reservation.


Login Form: This is a form that allows your customers to quickly log into their Account.


The codes for the widgets can be found under My Office>Online Reservation System>ORES 4.0>Widgets.


Example Codes:

QuickRes Form

<a href="https://book.mylimobiz.com/v4/{companyid}" data-ores-widget="quickres" data-ores-alias="{companyid}" data-redirect-url="{redirect_url}">Online Reservations</a>
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://book.mylimobiz.com/v4/widgets/widget-loader.js"></script>

Login Form

<a href="https://book.mylimobiz.com/v4/{companyid}/widget/login" data-ores-widget="login" data-ores-alias="{companyid}" data-redirect-url="{redirect_url}">Login</a>
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://book.mylimobiz.com/v4/widgets/widget-loader.js"></script>

Note: You MUST have ORES 4.0 embedded on your website or linked to your website. This code can be found under My Office>Online Reservation System>ORES 4.0>My Website

Replace {companyid} with your company id and {redirect_url} with the URL the ORES 4.0 code is on.

Example: My Company ID is anywherelimo and the ORES 4.0 is embedded on http://widgets.la-examples.com/book.php

The code you would embed on your website for QuickRes Form is:

<a href="https://book.mylimobiz.com/v4/anywherelimo" data-ores-widget="quickres" data-ores-alias="anywherelimo" data-redirect-url="http://widgets.la-examples.com/book.php">Online Reservations</a>
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://book.mylimobiz.com/v4/widgets/widget-loader.js"></script>

 You can go to http://widgets.la-examples.com/ to see example.

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