What can I do to ensure my client receives emails sent via Limo Anywhere?

Limo Anywhere allows you to send emails (Confirmations, Trip Sheets, Invoices, etc.) to your clients through the system. We use a third-party email relay system, SendGrid, in order to make it seem like you are actually sending the email from your email address instead of it looking like it was sent by Limo Anywhere.

Sometimes this causes an issue in delivering these emails to your client. In order to ensure that your client receives the emails you send out from the system we suggest adding the SPF Record for SendGrid to your email domain.

You would need to contact your email host and request to add the SPF Record to your domain. Here is the information you would need to provide your email host in order to add the SPF Record: SendGrid SPF

If you need more information please visit our article on Trouble Shooting Email Delivery Issues

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