Conversion Tracking in ORES 4.0

The Limo Anywhere Software allows all users to do conversion tracking and Analytics in the online reservation system. To use conversion tracking and analytics, you have to create a Google analytics account. You can create an account by going to and clicking on the "Sign Up" button. During this process you have to enter in the details of your company name, website name, the address to your ORES 4.0, and time zone. View the screenshot below for a sample of how this information is supposed to be set up. Your values will be different than what is in the screenshot and should be specific to your website/company/company id. Once you have completely filled all fields, press the "Get Tracking ID Button"

 IMPORTANT : Make sure https is selected in the website URL field. The website URL field will be the address of your online reservation system. 

ie. Please replace companyID with your ACTUAL company ID.



The next step simply requires you to accept Googles Terms of Service. Once the ToS are accepted, you will see a page that gives your unique Universal Analytics tracking code. In the image below, my tracking code is highlighted. Please DO NOT use the code in the image as it will not work for you. 



For tracking in Limo Anywheres Online Reservation System, we give you a place to enter your Universal Analaytics code, so you do not need any of the other scripts provided on this page. Now we have to place the UA code in to Limo Anywheres Online Reservation System settings. 


Log into your Limo Anywhere account and go to My Office --> Online Reservation System --> ORES 4.0 --> Analytics. On this page, there is a field to enter your UA code. Limo Anywhere only wants the text that is after UA-. So for my UA code I would only enter '96960454-1'. Once your numbers are entered. Click update and continue to the next step. 




Now we must tell Google what page of the Online Reservation process is the final step. This way they can compare and track the percentage of customers who begin the reservation process to the percentage of customers who finish it (land on the final page). Google calls this a 'goal'. To get to the goals setup. Click on the gear icon (pictured below) and it will bring you to the Administration section of your Google Analytics account. Now, click the Goals link that is highlighted as in the second image.



On the Next Page click the red '+NEW GOAL' button. Now we have to tell Google what type of goal we are trying to set up. Luckily for us they already have a Revenue based Reservation goal set up by default. Simply select the Reservations option and go to step 2. 


Step 2 is the goal description. You can leave this section on its default settings since we are setting up a "destination based goal". Click continue to go to step 3. 


On step 3 we tell Google what exact text to look for during the reservation process to assure them the person making the online reservation has reached the confirmation page. Every time any user reaches the last step of the reservation process, internally the web address contains the text '/Booking/FinalReservationStep'. We will place this text inside of the destination field. First make sure to change the default 'equals to' field to 'regular expression'. Then copy and past /Booking/FinalReservationStep into the field. Click save to finalize all of your settings. 


Now you have basic conversion tracking set up for your online reservation. There are dozens of options not covered and are beyond the scope of this article. Google has a library of resources to understand more about analytics and conversion tracking. If you would like to learn more about what is offered. Please go to Google Analytics Support


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    Brent Abruzese

    Hi Brandon - Was something altered on LA's end recently that would allow this to now work? I've contacted Google Support directly as I've been trying to get this going and been told that this feature would not work unless something was changed on the LA side. Otherwise, the only way to track conversions would be to have you guys allow us to redirect the final confirmation page to a page on our respective websites that are trackable. I just stumbled across this article and went to test this and it still doesn't work for me. Thanks - Brent

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    Brent Abruzese

    Hey Brandon, nevermind I found the answer to the problem I was having. I was using my companies site as the parent page for tracking, not the reservation site as an individual property. Still waiting for the conversions to start tracking but it looks like that's what I was doing wrong. 

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    Brandon Edley

    Excellent. Glad to hear it worked!

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