The Role of Companies In Limo Anywhere

Often large companies or organizations may have multiple Passengers, Booking Contacts, and Billing Contacts which in Limo Anywhere are separate Accounts. A Company name is used to create a method to link multiple accounts.

Before we begin it is important to remember a few important terms as they apply to Limo Anywhere.
Account - In Limo Anywhere the Account is the record of an individual. An Account can be either a Passenger, a Billing Contact or a Booking Contact.
Billing Contact - This is the person that would receive an invoice for a Passenger(s) that received the service. Billing Contacts can have multiple Booking Contacts or Passengers
- This is the account type of the person that will ride in the car. A Passenger can be linked with only one Billing Contact.
Booking Contact - This is the account type for a person that arranges trips for Passenger(s).
Add a Company
  1. Click on the Accounts icon on the toolbar.
  2. Open the Companies tab
  3. Enter the name of the Company
  4. Click "Add Company" to save changes

Assign a Company to an Account
In the Account Info screen select from the drop down list in the Company section as illustrated below.
Be sure to click "SAVE" to retain any changes.


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