iCalendar Setup

iCalendar will allow you to synchronize trips and calender events to Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Hotmail Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, and IOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android devices.

Setting up iCalendar in Limo Anywhere

NOTE: It is possible to create multiple iCalendars that are filtered based on the the selected criteria in 'Step 1' of the iCalendar configuration. For example if an iCalendar is created for a specific Driver or a Billing Contact (third party): that third party could be sent the iCal URL so that they could view just the trips relative to the third party in their calendars or a single user can create multiple filtered calendars for their calendar program.

Step 1

  1. Click on the 'My Office' icon in the toolbar.
  2. Click on the 'iCalendar Settings' button.
  3. Enter a 'Calendar Name'.
  4. Select Date Range: Select the date range you would like to sync to your calendar.
  5. Reminder: If you would like a reminder of upcoming events select a time form the drop down list.
  6. Filtering Fields: If you would like to filter the reservations being synced to your calendar select the different options form the drop down list:
            Vehicle Type
            Billing Contact
            Run Type
            Service Type
            Group Name
            Farm-out Affiliate

  7. Include Non Reservation Events: check the box to enable the synchronizing of events on the Limo Anywhere Calendar that are not reservations or trips.
  8. Click the 'Save & Obtain iCal URL' button. 


Step 2

NOTE: After obtaining the iCal URL highlight it by clicking and dragging the mouse across form left to right. Then right click the mouse on the highlighted URL and select copy. The copied URL will be required in step 3.

    The iCalendars created will appear in the list illustrated below

  • Click Obtain URL to display the URL for that iCalendar in the window below
  • Click Edit Preferences to alter the properties of that iCalendar
  • Delete this iCal will erase the URL and the properties associated with it.

Step 3


Select the appropriate link for the internet calendar you utilize to display configuration instructions for that program, and follow the instructions.

Microsoft Outlook

Google Calendar

Hotmail Calendar

Yahoo Calendar

iOS (iPhone & iPad)

Android devices

Note:  Limo Anywhere iCalendar does not push information to your calendar of choice.   The link is set up so that the calendar can retrieve the information.   Limo Anywhere cannot control when, or if your calendar of choice will retrieve the calendar information. iCalendar has not been updated for this reason.

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