GroundSpan Module Setup

The GroundSpan module is used to allow reservations to be received in your Limo Anywhere system from GroundSpan.  
You must have the GroundSpan module enabled by Limo Anywhere for your account.  The cost of the GroundSpan module is $49 initial fee and $49 per month.

To add the GroundSpan module contact Limo Anywhere Support by email at or by calling (888) 888-0302 ext 2 Monday through Friday between 8:00AM and 7:00PM central US time.
You will also need an account at GroundSpan.  Please contact GroundSpan directly for this.
Ketna Patel
Implementation/Support Manager
Note:   GroundSpan will need the Limo Anywhere account numbers for those accounts that will be making reservations through the GroundSpan module.
Once you have a GroundSpan account and a Limo Anywhere GroundSpan module enabled there are a few steps you will need to take to be sure the bookings come into your Limo Anywhere.

  1. Click on My Office
  2. Under the Company Settings tab click the Third Party Plug Ins button
  3. Click on the GroundSpan tab to display the integration page.

In the Section GroundSpan Credentials enter the Fulfillment Provider Id, and Provider Name as supplied by GroundSpan.

Next you need to map the GroundSpan Vehicle Classes to the appropriate Vehicle Types from the Limo Anywhere System in the GroundSpan Vehicle Class section.  Click the drop down arrow to select the appropriate Vehicle Type.  The below examples are based on default Limo Anywhere Vehicle Types. Note: you do not have to map all the vehicles just the ones you use for Groundspan.

Set the SEDAN to the SEDAN sedan for the system
Set the SUV7 to the SUV for the system
Click Map Vehicle Types
NOTE:  Other Vehicle Class Fields are available and you should map all Vehicle Classes for which you have a comparable Vehicle Type, and which you want to be available for bookings form GroundSpan.

Next you need to map the GroundSpan Rate Fields to the appropriate rates from the Limo Anywhere System.  Click the drop down arrow to select the appropriate rate field.  The below examples are based on sample Limo Anywhere rate fields, and your rate fields may be different. Note: you do not have to map all the rates just the ones you use for Groundspan.


Limo Anywhere Rates Configuration:

GroundSpan has the ability to pull Hourly and Fixed pricing. Hourly pricing is generally setup from the day you begin to use the system. Fixed pricing will need to be setup properly or no result will be returned when a rate look-up is performed. You must provide city and zip codes in your zones. Below you will find KB articles to assist in setting up pricing in Limo Anywhere

Fixed Rates     Hourly Rates

Time Restriction for Bookings through Groundspan:

If you wanted to disallow bookings, modifications, or cancellations a certain number of hours before Trip time, then you can choose your time restriction using this setting.
This completes the setup process for the GroundSpan module in Limo Anywhere.
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