Establishing and Managing Agents in Limo Anywhere

An Agent is anyone that is paid a dollar amount (either a flat fee or percentage commission) for generating that sale for the company. Agents can be an employee of the company, or a non employee or outside agent.

This article will cover entering the agent into Limo Anywhere, and entering a pay schedule for that agent. 

Adding an Agent

  1. Click on the My Office icon on the toolbar.
  2. Open the Company Resources tab and select the Agents button as illustrated below.
  3. Existing Agents in the company's Limo Anywhere will display in the Agent list (highlighted blue). Active Agents will be in black font, and Inactive Agents will be in red font. 
  4. In the Add New Agent box...
  5. Enter the Agent's first and last name
  6. Enter the Agent's Company name if appropriate
  7. Enter the Agent's address, city state and zip code
  8. Enter the Agent's Drivers License Number, Social Security Number, and Date of Birth. Note: Because agents are paid this information will most likely be required for reporting tax purposes.
  9. Select the status for the Agent as ACTIVE/INACTIVE. Note: Only ACTIVE agents can be added to a reservation.
  10. Decide the amount of commission to be paid on each trip, and enter it in COMM RATE. Select if that commission is a flat amount ($), or percentage of the rate (%).
  11. Enter the Contact Information for the Agent...
  12. Home Phone
  13. Cellular Phone Number and Provider. Note: the provider is required for SMS text messaging functions.
  14. Pager/Other and Provider
  15. Email Address
  16. Website Address
  17. Enter an Agent Web Referral Code. This feature allows the company to track agent referrals that come through the agents' web site.  Note:  This feature is currently not active but is a place holder for future development.
  18. Enter a Username and Password for Agent Web Access to the company's Limo Anywhere through the Online Reservation System. This feature requires the company has the Online Reservations System module. Note:  This feature is also currently not active but is a place holder for future development.
  19. Click "Add New Agent" to retain what was entered.
Editing an Agent
  1. Select the Agent to be edited from the Agent list
  2. Click "Edit Agent"
  3. Change any of the applicable data entries. In this case the agent was made placed in INACTIVE status.
  4. Click "UPDATE AGENT" to save any changes
  5. The result is Agent Dizzy Dean now displays in red font in the Agent list.
Deleting an Agent
WARNING: Deleting a Agent can have far reaching effects in the database if that Agent is utilized in any reservations past or future. For that reason it is strongly recommended that Agents not be deleted. Instead it is best to utilize the Status, and change the Status of an Agent that is not being used to INACTIVE.
  1. Select the Agent that is to be deleted from the Agent list
  2. Click "EDIT Agent"
  3. Click the Delete Icon in the upper right of the "EDIT Agent" box.
  4. The following Deletion Confirmation Message will appear. Click "Cancel" to not delete the Agent (STRONGLY RECOMMENDED); or "OK" to delete the Agent.
Agents in Reservations
Agents that are entered into the company's Limo Anywhere can be selected in the Reservation process to gain efficiency and accuracy in entering the necessary information.
In an existing or new reservation.....
  1. Select the Agent name from the drop down list in column 1 of the reservation screen for "Agent 1"
  2. The default commission will populate the commission field. If the commission needs to be changed it can be done now by entering an amount, and selecting "$" for a flat amount, or "%" for a percentage amount.
  3. Repeat if required for "Agent 2"
  4. Click "SAVE RESERVATION' to retain changes 

Agents in Accounts

Agents can also be assigned to an Account, so that when the account books a reservation it will auto assign the agent to the reservation.

  1. Go to Accounts and edit account that you want to add the agent to
  2. Click on Financial Data Tab
  3. Select the agent from the Agent Assigned drop down list
  4. Save Account

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