Customizing and Managing Trip Statuses For Your Business

Statuses are primarily used to let employees in your company know what is going on with each reservation.

Navigating to Manage Statuses

  1. Select the 'Dispatch' icon on the toolbar.
  2. Click 'Manage Statues' hyper link at the top of the Dispatch Grid.

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About the Status List Tab

Customizing the Status Order in the Status Drop Down Box

Setting Up Status to Time Mapping

About the Status List Tab

Adding/Editing Statuses to your status lists allows you the flexibility to create and manage the statuses used in serving your customers so that they reflect the operational needs of your business.

Columns in the Status List Definitions
Reservation Category Live statuses are the operational statuses that would be used prior to and during a trip.  Examples might be 'Pending', 'Assigned', 'Dispatched', 'On the Way', 'On Location', 'Customer In Car', 'Waiting', 'Customer Dropped Off' and/or 'Done'.  Live statuses will display on the 'New Reservations' tab, the 'Dispatch Grid', and 'Calendar'.

Completed / To Be Settled statuses are used after the trip is completed and/or cancelled. Examples might be 'Cancelled', 'Late Cancel', 'Done', and 'No Show'. These trips will appear in the 'Settle' screen in the 'Done & Unsettled' tab until they are settled.

statuses will be placed in the unfinalized folder and will not be considered live in Limo Anywhere (Do not use this reservation category with Live or Completed / To Be Settled).
Active If the box is checked the statues will show in the status drop down list. If unchecked the status become unavailable in the status drop down list.
Mask Status in ORES Hides the status of the reservation from the customers that log into their account from the Online Reservation System(ORES). For example:

NOTE: This is only Used for ORES 2.0 and 3.0. If this option is selected it will display the information placed in the 'When Status is Masked in ORES, display:' field. If the field is left bank the customer will not see anything in the stats field in the ORES.
Hide from Drv Hides the reservation from DriverAnywhere when that status is set on the reservation (an operational status that the drivers will select in DriverAnywhere should NOT be hidden from the driver)
Drv Sel Allowed Allows the drivers to place that status on a reservation in DriveAnywhere. Examples of this option would be good to use with 'On the Way', 'On Location', 'Arrived', 'Customer In Car', and 'Done'.
Disallow Settle Disallows the settling of reservations when the status is set. Example if you 'Disallow Settle' on the status 'Done' and you have a trip in your system that has the 'Done' status set, you will not be able to settle out that reservation until another status is set or this option is removed from it.

Adding a New Status

  1. Click the 'Add New Status' link at the top right of the 'manage statuses' screen.
  2. Enter a unique status 'Title' and 'Code'.
  3. Select the 'Color' you would like this status to display on the 'Calendar' and 'Dispatch' screen.
  4. Select the 'Reservation Category' to 'Live', 'Completed / To Be Settled', and/or 'Unfinalized' (One or more of these can be selected).
  5. Keep the box checked labeled 'Active' (if the box is unchecked the status become unavailable in the system).
  6. Select whether you would like to 'Mask Status In ORES'.
  7. Select whether you would like 'Hide from Drv'.
  8. Select whether you would like 'Drv Sel Allowed'.
  9. Select whether you would like 'Disallow Settle'.
  10. Click the 'ADD' button.

Editing an Existing Status

NOTE: It is recommend that you DO NOT change or edit the 'Online and eFarm in', 'Done', 'Unfinalized', 'Dispatched', 'Cancel', and 'Late Cancel' statuses as these statuses have special functionality in Limo Anywhere and could cause issues if changed.

  1. Click the 'Edit' hyper link to the far right of the status you wish to edit.
  2. Make make the changes needed.
  3. Click the 'UPDATE' button.

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Customizing the Status Order in the Status Drop Down Box

The order the statuses appear on the drop down menus when status is changed with in a reservation can be set up to your preferences as well.

NOTE: The Statuses Order is very important in the DriverAnywhere column because the DriverAnywhere App does not allow for statuses to be selected out of order so place the statuses in a logical order.  For example if the status Customer in Car is after On Location, once Customer in Car is selected the On Location status is not allowed to be selected.

Changing the Order of the Status Drop Downs

  1. Click and hold the left mouse button down on the status you wish to move.
  2. Drag it to desired location (all the status in the three columns must stay in their original column).
  3. Release the mouse button.
  4. Repeat the process until each status is in the proper order.
  5. Click the 'Save Sort Order' button.

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Status to Time Mapping

Status to Time Mapping can be used to determine when a driver is to be paid the variable rates based on Travel Time (to the client) or Passenger time (client in car time) AND/OR when you would like a time stamp to be placed on the settlement window for each reservation.

Setting Up Status to Time Mapping

  1. Select the 'Dispatch' icon on the toolbar.
  2. Click 'Manage Statues' hyper link at the top of the Dispatch Grid.
  3. Select the 'Status to Time Mapping' Tab.
  4. Select the appropriate status from the drop down list.
  5. Set the 'Overwrite Already Saved Time Values' to 'Yes' or 'No'.
  6. Click the 'Update Mapping' button.


Selecting "Yes" on the option labeled "Overwrite Already Saved Time Values" applies a time stamp to the selected field. If there is already a time in the field it will be overwritten.Example: Customer states the drop off time would be 3:00pm, but the driver really dropped the customer off at 3:20pm. If the driver is using DriverAnywhere and sets the reservations status to Dropped the system would overwrite the 3:00pm drop off to reflect 3:20pm.

In the screen shot above the black arrows are for illustrative purposes only. They indicate when Travel time will be paid, and when Passenger Time will be paid.

By setting up the above fields a time stamp will be placed on the reservation's settlement window when a status is changed as illustrated below.

NOTE:  The Time Label titles such as On Duty Time, Time Dispatched, and Customer In Car Time (illustrated above) can be changed to reflect the unique language customary to each company. 

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For more information on changing the Time Labels please see the Knowledge Base article 'Time Label Management'.

For more information on setting up Travel Time and Passenger Time pay rates please see the Knowledge Base article 'Driver Payroll Setup - Hourly Pay Schedules'.

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