Free Custom Form Templates

These are free custom form templates that you may use to manipulate to your liking. If you are needing a Limo Anywhere agent to create you a form from scratch it will cost $249 per form. The HTML custom form links are below the instructions.

  1. Open the link to the form you like below.

    HELPFUL HINT: When opening link right click on the link and select 'Open in New Tab'. This will keep the Knowledge Base article open so you can come back to it easily.

  2. Highlight the code text by holding the left mouse button down and drag your mouse from top of the page to the bottom.
  3. Right click on the highlighted HTML text.
  4. Select the 'Copy' option.
  5. Log-In to Limo Anywhere.
  6. Click on the 'My Office' icon in the toolbar.
  7. Select the 'Custom Forms' tab.
  8. Select the button to the type of the form you are wanting to create (Trip or Invoice).
  9. Enter a 'Name' for the form.
  10. Create a 'Subject Line' for emailing the Custom Form. An examples is below:

    Trip Type Subject


    Invoice Type Subject


  11. At the the bottom of the New Form section the HTML option in the blue shaded area as illustrated below.

  12. Click in the empty box above the HTML button and hold the control key (CTRL) and press the 'V' key on the keyboard, this will 'paste' the text that was copied from the link in Step 4 into the body of the custom form.

  13. Switch back to 'Normal' view and to see the lay out of the form.

  14. Click the 'Save' to retain what was entered before performing further modifications.
  15. Do not forget to setup the other tabs that work in conjunction with the form you have just created.

    Trips Tabs

    Invoice tabs

Custom Form Links

Custom Trip Links

Standard Confirmation

Cancellation Confirmation

Reservation Receipt

Customer Trip Sheet

Customer Trip Sheet 2 with Rental Agreement

Customer Trip Sheet 2 without Rental Agreement

Driver Trip Sheet

Affiliate Farm-Out Trip Sheet

Payment Receipt without Copy Stamp

Payment Receipt with Copy Stamp


Custom Form 'Trip Routing Blocks'

Custom Trip Routing Block Links
Trip Routing Block - Detailed
Trip Routing Block - Short Form


Custom Form 'Invoice'

NOTE: The second link for Trip Blocks would need to go under the trip block tab. If you do not add that trip block HTML to the Trip Block tab the form may not look correct.

Custom Invoice Links

Extended Invoice

Extended Invoice Trip Block

Itemized Invoice

Itemized Invoice Trip Block

Rate Detail Invoice with PO number

Rate Detail Invoice with PO number Trip Block

Invoice 1

Invoice 1 Trip Block

For more information over the custom forms section please see the Knowledge Base article 'Building a Custom Form'.

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