3 - Set Up Drivers

Add Your Drivers into Limo Anywhere

  1. Click on the 'My Office icon' in the toolbar.
  2. Select the 'Company Resources' tab.
  3. Select the 'Drivers' button.
  4. Enter the Driver's 'First Name' and 'Last Name'.
  5. (OPTIONAL STEP) Enter the 'Primary Address', 'Apt/Ste', 'City', 'State/Prov', and 'Zip/Post' .
  6. (OPTIONAL STEP) Enter the 'Driver's License #', 'DL State', 'Exp Date', 'Badge #/Other ID', 'Exp Date', 'Social Security', and 'DOB'.
  7. (OPTIONAL STEP) Enter the 'Trip Hourly Pay Rates', 'Travel Time Hourly Pay', and 'Passenger Time Hourly Pay'.
  8. (OPTIONAL STEP) Enter the 'Type', leave 'Status' set to ACTIVE, set the 'Web Access', enter the 'Hire Date', and skip the 'Termination Date'.
  9. Set the 'Driver Work Schedule'.
  10. (OPTIONAL STEP) Enter 'Home Phone', 'Fax', 'Cellular Phone' and 'Provider', 'Pager/Other' and 'Provider', and 'Email Address'.
  11. (OPTIONAL STEP) Uncheck 'Show Both Cell and Email on Dispatch' and 'Quick Edit Driver Info On Dispatch' IF THEY ARE NOT NEEDED.
  12. (OPTIONAL STEP) Check off the boxes labeled 'Home', 'Cell', and 'Other' if you would like to include phone # on trip sheets.
  13. (OPTIONAL STEP) Fill out 'Name to Display in Dispatch', 'Name to Display on Trip Sheets', 'Driver Level', 'Assign Driver to Car', 'Assign Driver to Group', 'Driver Notes' and 'Username/Password'.
  14. Click the 'ADD NEW DRIVER' button.

NOTE: In the screenshot below all optional steps are enclosed in the yellow box/s.

To continue setting up Limo Anywhere please see Knowledge Base article '4 - Set Up Affiliates'.

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