Email Reservation Manifest

The Email Reservation Manifest is to utilized to create a record of upcoming trips that will serve as back up should you be unable to access Limo Anywhere.

The Email Reservation Manifest function is not enabled by default.

Setting up Email Reservation Manifest

  1. Click on the My Office icon on the Limo anywhere toolbar
  2. Click on the Company Settings Tab
  3. Click on the Email Templates & Settings button
  4. Click on the Email Res Manifest tab
  5. Enable by selecting Yes
  6. Select the Date Range the report is to include Current Date to Current Date + 2 days.
  7. Select how often the report is to be sent from every 2 hours to every 24 hours
  8. Select the time the report is to begin sending each day
  9. Select if the report is to be filtered for Drivers, Car, Vehicle Type, Billing Contact, Company, Run Type, Occasion, Service Type, Group Name or Farm-out Affiliate.  Note:   If this is to be used as a backup it is not recommended that any of these filters be utilized. 
  10. Select up to 3 email addresses for the report to be sent to
  11. Select to exclude Cancelled trips, Late Cancel trips, and/or Billing Contact Info
  12. Select to include Airport P/U Instructions, and/or Routing Notes
  13. Click Save Settings to retain selections

The Email Reservation Manifest is now enabled and will be sent to the email addresses at the selected time and frequency.

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