Creating a Customer SMS Template

Scheduled SMS allows the creation of templates that are sent as SMS text messages.    Scheduled SMS uses the same platform as Scheduled Email.   To set up a Scheduled SMS template follow these steps. 

  • Click on My Office
  • In the Company Settings tab click on Messaging & Templates Settings
  • Click the Scheduled Messaging Tab
  • In the gray bar click the drop down and select SMS
  • Enter a name for the SMS Template
  • Select the SMS Type:   Trip or Invoice
  • Select which Reservation Status is to receive the SMS:  New/Live, Settled, or both 
  • Select the Trip Types that will receive the SMS:  In- House, Farm-in, Farm-out or Select All
  • Select the SMS Class:  Customer, Driver, Affiliate   SMS class determines which mobile number will be selected to send to.  For example if Driver is selected here it will select the driver's mobile number and not the customer
  • In the Send To field select which of the customer contacts will receive the SMS:  Billing Contact, Passenger, Billing Contact or Select All.
  • When to Send determines the trigger that send the SMS
  • When Status Changed To:   click the status from the drop down list which will trigger sending of the SMS
  • Time Trigger sends an amount of time (minutes, hours, days) before or after
  • Do Not Send If Status Is:  Select that status or statuses which will exclude this SMS template
  • Allow Profile Level Setting Override:  Yes will allow the recipient to block the sending of scheduled email templates by "unsubscribing".   No will ignore an account's selection to "unsubscribe", and will send the email regardless of the selection.
  • Restrict Only To Selected Accounts/Passengers/Affiliates:   Yes makes the scheduled email only send out to specified accounts when selected under the Misc Tab in the Account profile. No allows the scheduled email to be sent out to everyone specified in the 'Send To' option.
  • Is Active:  Yes allows the system to send out the scheduled email. No makes the scheduled email inactive in your system.
  • Next is to compose the body of the message.  
  •   Click the Tag icon as shown below to display the menu of tags available for creating SMS templates.
  • This is the menu of available tags,
  • With your mouse cursor in the message body filed click on any tag to insert it into the template, and simply type to complete the message.  NOTE:  The limit is 140 characters on text messages.  A completed template is displayed here.
    Click Save to retain Template
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