Default Service Types

In order for Limo Anywhere, LA Net, the Online Reservation System 4.0, Passenger App, and Driver Anywhere to communicate and work correctly with each other you need to set up your default Service Types under My Office>System Settings>Service Types.
There are 4 options to set your company's default Service Type to and those 4 options are Hourly, Airport Departure, Arrival Airport, and Point-To-Point and you can only designate one Service Type per default. Example: "To Airport" default would be "Airport Departure" and no other Service Type can be default "Airport Departure".

You would map these 4 options to the Service Type that your company uses by default for those Service Types. Each alias could have different default Service Types and you can edit by select Alias from drop-down menu.


NOTE: Service Type names could be different based on each company's Service Types and you would map those respectively with their counterparts.

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