Managing the LA API Plug In for and Limo Anywhere have created an integrated process that, when properly configured, allows to send reservation requests directly to the company’s Limo Anywhere account. This process allows companies to confirm the reservations in Limo Anywhere which will automatically be reflected in

Limo Anywhere Configuration

  1. Click on the My Office icon on the toolbar.
  2. Select the Company Settings tab.
  3. Click on the Third-party Plug-in button(highlighted orange), and select the LA API tab(highlighted blue).
Click the Generate API ID and Key button to populate values into the API ID and API Key fields. These are important values unique to the company that a Third Party System uses to integrate with  the company's Limo
Anywhere. Helpful Hint:  Copy and paste the API ID and API Key values into a text file so that they are available
for easy retrieval when configuring
Select if from the Rate Look up drop down list if the rate look up is to be "Relaxed" (default) or "Strict".  A "Strict"
rate look up may not return a rate to the customer if the trip they are inquiring about is not built into
the company's Limo Anywhere.  Click "Update" to save selection.
In the API Rates Mapping section, the values that are fixed on the left side are from the application.  When an inquiry of rate comes from their values need to map to a rate in the company's Limo Anywhere.  Select form the drop down menu for each rate that is desired to map to a rate in Limo Anywhere.  If
no rate is desired to map leave the default setting of "Not Set".  Click the "Map Rates" button to save the
selections. Configuration
  1. Login into Ground Control account.
  2. Navigate to Business Profile-->Dispatch Connect
  3. Enter the API ID and API Key in the appropriate fields
  4. Click the Import Vehicles button to import your Vehicle Types from Limo Anywhere. Note: If this step fails check the API ID and API Key
  5. To Map Vehicles for each Vehicle Group on the left select a corresponding Limo Anywhere Vehicle Type from the drop down lists on the right.
  6. Click ”Save”
For more details about full integration process review “Here are a few tips on how to use this page” on the Ground Control Dispatch Connect page.
For support email to or call 800-660-7686.


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