Reversing a Payment on an Invoice

When a mistake is made applying a payment to an invoice it is necessary to reverse the payment to correct the error. This article covers the specific procedure to do this.
When an invoice is paid the payment is applied to the trips on the invoice.  Therefore the payment must be reversed out of each trip on the invoice.

  1. Click on the Receivables icon on the toolbar.
  2. Select the Paid Invoices tab.
  3. Select the correct invoice and click on the invoice number. Note: The search feature can be used for narrowing down the invoices displayed. 
  4. For each confirmation number on the invoice the payment window can be accessed directly by clicking on the linked Trip Total in the invoice.
  5. For credit card transactions select the Credit Card tab. Important: Various Gateways will have different rules for when to use Void or Credit options to reverse Credit Card payments. Please check with the gateway for the correct action. Helpful Hint: It is best to access the gateway and process the void or credit transaction there if multiple trips are on the invoice. Then process each trip credit transaction with the gateway turned off.
  6. Select the payment to be reversed in the Posted Transaction list which will populate the Credit Card #, Exp. Date, Name, Address, Amount, Authorization #, and Transaction ID fields with the data saved in the original payment transaction
  7. For most gateways use Void if the reverse transaction is occurring in the same day as the original payment transaction. If Void the Authorization # and Transaction ID must be populated if using the gateway.
  8. For most gateways use Credit if the original payment transaction occurred in a day previous to the reverse transaction.  Again,  please confirm the proper usage of void/credit with the gateway.
  9. Click "SUBMIT TRANSACTION" to process transaction.
  10. For all non credit card transactions select the Cash/Check tab
  11. Select the payment in the Posted Transaction list
  12. The Cash/Check Payment data will populate
  13. Enter 0.00 dollars for the Amount($)
  14. Click "SUBMIT CASH/CHK TRANSACTION" to remove the previous payment 
  15. Close the Payment window
  16. Repeat this process for each trip on the invoice.
  17. After all the trips have had payment reversed click "RECALCULATE". The invoice will now change from Paid In Full to Finalized and when appropriate payment can be processed on it
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