Making a Round Trip Reservation

Quickly and accurately creating a round trip reservation is easy in Limo Anywhere.

Settings that Affect the Round Trip Reservation Feature
There are a couple of settings that can be adjusted to determine how the Round Trip Reservation feature will function.
  1. Click the My Office icon on the toolbar.
  2. Select the Company Settings tab
  3. Click the Company Preferences button.
  4. Find the settings illustrated here, and adjust them accordingly.RoundTrip1.png
  5. Click the "Update My Company Preferences" button to retain the changes.
Creating A Round Trip Reservation
Create the outbound reservation (original), or search for the reservation that will become the outbound reservation and open that reservation. 
From the existing reservation click the "Round Trip" link in the Reservation toolbar as illustrated below.
  1. The Round Trip Reservation pop up window will display as illustrated below.
  2. Note: The trip routing as shown in the "Routing Detail" is reversed in the return trip from the outbound
  3. Edit any of the fields that will be changed from the outbound (original) reservation to the return trip (new) reservation
  4. (Optional) Click the check box to select the option to "Send Email Confirmations"
  5. (Optional) Click the check box to select the option to "Link return trip with original trip"
  6. (Optional) Click the check box to select the option to "Copy Affiliate Rate Data". Note: This would only apply if the original reservation was a Farm-in or Farm-out
  7. Click the "CREATE ROUND TRIP" to retain changes and create the copied reservationRoundtrip3.png
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