Driver Anywhere 3.0 App Information

The new version of Driver Anywhere 3.0 is available for recent Android (OS version 5 or newer) and Apple (iOS version 9 or newer) devices.


Below is basic information and screenshots of Driver Anywhere 3.0. (Note: screens may look a little different depending on whether it is on an Apple or Android device.)

1. Login

The Login screen is where the driver will put in their own credentials for Driver Anywhere (Company ID, Username, and Password).

2. Jobs

On the Jobs screen it will show all active trips that have been dispatched to the Driver in Driver Anywhere: 
- Drivers can view brief information on the trips they have for a Date Range of their choosing on each Job Card.
- This is where they would Accept or Reject trips.
- They can also go On or Off Duty at the top right of this screen.

When a Job needs to be Accepted or Rejected. The Job card will be the color red with the words "NEW JOB" and will have buttons to Accept or Reject.

- If the driver Accepts the job, then they will be able to to Set Status of the job (On The Way, Arrived, Customer In Car, etc.).
- If driver Rejects the job, then the job will disappear from their Jobs screen.

On each Job card they have a section for Map, Airline Info, Car, and Ride Details. If you click on each of those line sections then it will take you to the according screen. You can also swipe left on the job card to show job card menu.

3. Map

On the Map screen, drivers will be able to see the route for PU to DO and any applicable Stops in between.
- They can tap on Directions to get driving directions or they can tap on the directional sign in the upper right to get turn-by-turn navigation.
- They will also be able to Set Status here and go to the Update screen as well.

4. Flight Info

The Flight Info screen will show up on the job card if Flight Info is available. On the Flight Info screen, you can see the Flight Status, Times, and Terminal/Gate as well as the Weather.

5. Car Selection

If you tap on the Car line section on the job card it will bring up the Car Selection screen. (Note: The car on the job card will show an orange exclamation warning if no car has been selected or the wrong car has been selected.)

6. Job Details

The Job Details screen will show more detailed information about the trip.
- At the top of the Job Details screen you will see Job Info & Requirements with several icons. The Icon will be highlighted if required on the job. The driver can easily see how many passengers, if payment needs to be collected, how many child seats, handicap, how many stops, if greeting sign required, the amount of luggage, and if there are notes on the trip.
- Drivers will also see Details below the Job Info & Requirements which will give them more detailed info about the trip along with trip notes.

7. Update/Finalize

Drivers can update Rates, Times, Start/Stop Wait Timer, Mileage, Add Attachments, Get Signature for Terms & Conditions, Add Extra Stops, and Add their own notes to the trip. Note: some sections may not be available depending on driver settings.

8. Sidebar Menu

Drivers can also access the sidebar menu by tapping the menu bar at the top left of the screen. They can access their Profile, Jobs, Completed Jobs, Messages, and Greeting Signs screen from here.

8. Profile

On the Profile screen, drivers can see what car they are assigned to or unassign themselves from a car.
- They can also go On or Off Duty.
- This is also where they would Logout from the app.

9. Completed Jobs

The Completed Jobs screen has 2 sections, Close Out and History.
- The Close Out screen will show jobs that have been Done but still need to be closed out by the driver.
- The History Screen will show any jobs the driver did in the Driver Anywhere app for a certain date range.

10. Messages

In Driver Anywhere, the Dispatcher (Dispatch) and the Driver can message each other directly in the app.
The Messages screen will show all messages from Dispatch to the Driver and the driver can reply back to Dispatch directly from this screen.

11. Greeting Sign

The Greeting Sign screen allows driver to show the greeting sign for a particular job or create a new sign directly in the app.

12. Payments

If driver is allowed to take payments in Driver Anywhere, they will be able to choose which Payment Method (Cash, Credit Card, etc.) and take the amount owed after they have closed out the trip. The driver will also be able to Enter Credit Card number or select the Credit Card from the reservation if client is paying with a Credit Card.

Once the driver clicks Proceed to Payment, it will take them to the Signature screen. This is where the passenger can designate the Extra Gratuity and sign for the payment. NOTE: Extra Gratuity is only available on the final Payment screen not on Payment screen during the trip. Also Signature is always required for every payment in Driver Anywhere.

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