6 - Set Up Fleet

Add Your Fleet into Limo Anywhere

  1. Click on the 'My Office' icon in the toolbar.
  2. Select the 'Company Resources' tab.
  3. Select the 'Fleet' button.
  4. Enter the Vehicle's Information such as 'Code', 'Description', 'Car Make', 'Vehicle Type' and Passenger 'Capacity'.
  5. (OPTIONAL STEP) Enter the 'Year', 'Color', 'Plate Number', and 'VIN' .
  6. (OPTIONAL STEP) Enter the 'Odometer' and 'Link Car with Driver'.
  7. Keep your Vehicle 'Status' set to ACTIVE.
  8. (OPTIONAL STEP) Enter the contact information such as 'Cellular Phone' and 'Provider', 'Email Address' and 'Two Way Radio ID'.
  9. (OPTIONAL STEP) Check 'Display Contact Info on T/S (Trip Sheet)' IF UNNEEDED.
  10. (OPTIONAL STEP) Fill in the Insurance Information 'Insured by' and 'Policy No.'
  11. (OPTIONAL STEP) Select the 'Color Code' to display on the Dispatch grid, 'Nickname', and 'Note'.
  12. Click the 'ADD NEW VEHICLE' button.

In the screenshot below all mandatory steps are enclosed in the red box/s.

To continue setting up Limo Anywhere please see Knowledge Base article '7 - Set Up Airports'.

For more information over the fleet section please see the Knowledge Base article 'Establishing and Managing Fleet'.

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