Troubleshooting Email Delivery Issues

Limo Anywhere users collectively send out an average of over 100,000 emails each day.  Over 99% of these are delivered to the end user with no problem.  However there are some issues where the email despite being properly sent is not received by the end user.  This article addresses the most common of these issues.

Emails Sent to a Managed Domain Not Received in Recipient's Email

Managed domains are typically associated with a company or an organization; as opposed to a non-managed domain email like Gmail or Yahoo.  In some cases an email sent to an address at a managed domain will not reach the intended recipient because of rules set up on the managed domain.  In these cases we will show them as delivered even though the recipient did not get the email as it was delivered to the managed domain's server which is as far as we can track it.

There are two tasks that can be done to mitigate this situation.

  1. Ask the recipient to add your company as a contact in their email utility (for example Outlook), with your sending email address in the contact.   Many managed domains set up rules not to deliver emails except from known contacts, and this simple step satisfies this rule.
  2. If step 1 does not work it may be necessary for the recipient to contact their IT department or hosting for the managed domain to allow emails sent from Limo Anywhere's sending IP address to be delivered to the recipient.  This process is called "whitelisting".  Limo Anywhere's sending email IP addresses are below:


Emails Not Delivered Due to SPF Error

SPF (Sender Policy Framework) Error means your email was rejected by the recipient's managed domain due to an error in how the sending email's managed domain is configured.  

Repairing this requires that the sender contact whomever hosts their domain, and have them modify the Sender Policy Framework at your domain per the instructions in this linked article.  SendGrid SPF

Emails Not Delivered Due to DMARC Policy

DMARC policies prohibit people using non-managed domain email addresses to send email through a third party server.  DMARC policies are designed to inhibit spoofing of an email address to disguise a SPAM type email.   The two non-managed domains that have DMARC policies at this time are and

DMARC policies prevent the usage of these non-managed domains as sending addresses with Limo Anywhere.  The options are to use a non-managed domain that does not utilize a DMARC policy such as Gmail or Hotmail; or to use a managed domain email address that will be the same as the domain of the company's website.  For example if your website was, the email address would be

Bounced or Dropped Emails

Bounced or dropped emails can be caused by a number of issues.   Either the email address was unable to be found in which case it may be incorrect, or the recipients's email domain was not online for some reason and was unable to be delivered.    Bounced or dropped emails represent less than 0.7% of all emails sent from Limo Anywhere.

SPAM Emails

An email not delivered because it is flagged as SPAM is most often caused by the intended recipient at one time taking the step of designating an email from the sending company as SPAM, and by the SPAM or Junk Mail Settings in the recipient's email utility..  This may have been done intentionally or in error by the intended recipient, but until that SPAM designation is removed by the recipient any email sent will continue to be rejected as SPAM.  SPAM emails represent less than 0.02% of all emails sent from Limo Anywhere.

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