Limo Anywhere Core System Modules Available in New Pricing Plan

Effective June 8, 2015 Limo Anywhere is changing the way we price our product from a module subscription model to a usage based model.   For complete details on the new pricing plan see our pricing page on the Limo website.

Listed below here are the modules that are included in the new Limo Anywhere pricing plan.  In addition to the Limo Anywhere Core System you will have access to ......

Advanced Accounting Toolkit-The Advanced Accounting Toolkit Module adds more invoicing and reporting capabilities to the company's Limo Anywhere system.

Custom Forms-This module allows the Limo Anywhere customer to customize any form in almost any way that suits the needs of the company and its customers.

Fax-The Fax Module enables you to send out confirmations, invoices and trip details to drivers, affiliates and customers via fax.  The Internet Fax Module uses internet based faxing which requires subscription to a third party online fax provider.

Flight Tracking Standard & Advanced Flight Tracking Powered by FlightStats-Privides two methods to track flights.

iCalendar-iCalendar will allow you to synchronize trips and calender events to Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Hotmail Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, and IOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android devices.

LA Local-The LA Local module is installed on the computers of the limousine company. Once installed and configured it automatically populates a spreadsheet with select details of the trips for a definable period of the current date through the current date plus 5 days.

LA Mobile-Limo Anywhere Mobile ( is a truly mobile solution. Operate your Limo Anywhere software from your BlackBerry, Palm Treo, iPhone, iPad, Droid or any other hand held wireless device.

Mapping-Even with today's modern GPS guidance system, a good map is a handy back up.  The Limo Anywhere Integrated Mapping Module is an easy way to generate maps and turn by turn directions without leaving the Limo Anywhere system.

Online Reservation System v4.0-The NEW ORES Version 4.0 has been redesigned from the ground up.  Here are some of the features include in the initial deployment.

    Cleaner Interface designed to improve the conversion ratio for bookings.
    Responsive design to work on desktops and mobile devices.
    Includes distance based pricing.
    Integrated POI lookup and address validation.
    Rate grouping for customizing rate titles displayed to the client.
    Integrated round trip booking.
    Customer Dashboard w/ financial widgets.
    Real time tracking of driver location.
    Simple integration with your website.
    Multiple options for sorting/displaying rate results.
    Map showing route/estimated mileage prominently displayed on 1st step.
    Integrated child seats and stops.
    Booking contacts can be shared throughout the company
    Can start a trip by entering a promo code
    Allows combining pricing types (Per Pax + Distance)
    Quotes available if pricing cannot be found

Real Time Payment Processing-The Real-time Payment Processing module allows you to process credit card transactions from within the Limo Anywhere system.

Rate Lookup-The Instant Rate Look-up Module allows your company and/or your customers to retrieve  stored rates from your Limo Anywhere Core System. It will also allow you to use the 'Apply Rate Table' button within your reservation's Limo Anywhere Admin system.

Scheduled Email-The Scheduled Email Module that allows the creation of dynamically formatted Trip and/or Invoice email templates that can be scheduled to be sent to customers, drivers, and/or affiliates.

Scheduled SMS-allows the creation of templates that are sent as SMS text messages. Scheduled SMS uses the same platform as Scheduled Email.   

SMS Driver Text Messaging-The SMS/Text Messaging Module allows Limo Anywhere system users to send SMS's to drivers from the Dispatch Grid, or automatically when the status is changed to Dispatched.

If you would like to upgrade to the new pricing plan and take advantage of the new Online Reservation System 4.0 and all of these features, then please go to My Office>Online Reservation System>ORES 4.0, check the box "Upgrade me to the new package!", and click Submit Package Upgrade.

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