SummitGround Module Setup

The SummitGround module is used to integrate the Limo Anywhere system with the SummitGround billing tool.  
You must have the SummitGround module enabled by Limo Anywhere for your account.  The cost of the SummitGround module is $49 initial fee and $49 per month.

To add the SummitGround module contact Limo Anywhere Support by email at; or by calling (888) 888-0302 ext 2 Monday through Friday between 8:00AM and 7:00PM central US time.
Please contact SummitQwest at:

446 Windsor Park
Dayton, OH 45459
(937) 291-4333
Once you have a SummitGround account and the Limo Anywhere SummitGround module enabled there are a few steps you will need to take to be sure the set up is correct in Limo Anywhere.

Click on My Office
Under the Company Settings tab click the Third Party Plug Ins button
Click on the SummitLink tab to display the integration page.

In the section SummitLink Config enter the information as supplied by SummitQwest.

SummitLink Rate Mapping

Next you need to map the SummitLink Rates to the appropriate Rates from the Limo Anywhere System in the SummitLink Rates section.  Click the drop down arrow to select the appropriate Rate. The below examples are based on default and created Limo Anywhere rates, and they may be named differently in your system.

NOTE: You need to map every rate in this section. If you do not have a particular rate in your system that corresponds to the rate you need to map, then you need to create the rate in My Office>Rate Management>System Rate Manager. Here is info on adding a New Rate:   Add a New Rate

So for example, you might not have a rate named Meet and Greet Fee, so you would create one in the System Rate Manager, even if you are never going to use that particular rate.

In the Taxes drop down, you need to select all taxes that you have in your system. As you can see in the example, the ones selected are Std Tax1, Std Tax2, etc.
In the Tip Charges drop down, you need to select all tips and/or gratuities that you have in your system. As you can see in the example, the ones selected are Std Grat and Extra Grat.
In the Gross Charges drop down, you would Select All rates.
In the Net Charges drop down, you would Select All rates except your Taxes.
In the Worker Compensation and NJ Sales Tax drop down, you would create a rate for Workers Comp if you don't already have it in your system. Also if you are in New Jersey, then you would map to your Sales Tax. If you aren't in New Jersey, then you don't have to worry about creating that rate.

Click Map Rates in order to save your changes.

SummitLink Vehicle Classes, Statuses, and Rate Type

Next you need to map the SummitLink Vehicle Classes, SummitLink Statuses, and SummitLink Rate type to the appropriate fields from the Limo Anywhere System.  Click the drop down arrow to select the appropriate field.  The below examples are based on sample Limo Anywhere fields, and your fields may be different.

You do not need to map everything in these sections. Just map what you can to the corresponding field.
This completes the setup process for the SummitGround module in Limo Anywhere.

Creating SummitLink Report

Once you have everything set up and mapped, then you will be able to generate a Summit report. To create a Summit report, you would need to create an invoice or open an existing invoice and click on Summit reports button at the top of the Invoice.
Once you click on Summit reports, it will display the different reports you can generate into a txt file. Choose the report you need to generate by click txt link and you would Save that file on your computer. Once it has been saved, then you would send that report to SummitQwest. SummitQwest will show you how to send them the txt file and if you have any issue sending them that particular file you would need to contact SummitQwest.

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