Generating a Driver Payroll Report

The Driver Payroll Report gives by trip detail and payroll summary information by driver.

  1. Click on the 'Reports' icon on the toolbar.
  2. Find the Driver Payroll Report creation box (3rd option from the top in the right hand column).
  3. Select either 'With Rate Data' or 'Without Rate Data' to determine if rate data will be included on the report.
  4. Select the 'Date From' and 'Date To' that is appropriate for the pay period.
  5. (OPTIONAL) Select the Driver from the drop down list or select 'All'.
  6. (OPTIONAL) Click the check box to remove the check and include the 'Cancelled' or 'Late Cancel' trips in the report.
  7. (OPTIONAL) Select if Hourly Pay should be 'calculated daily' by clicking the check box.
  8. Select if this report is for '1st Driver' or '2nd Driver'. The reports must be run separately.
  9. Click the 'GENERATE REPORT' button.


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