Receive Invoice Payment

Limo Anywhere provides a method by which limousine companies can send invoices and receive payment for those customers that have an agreement in place to pay for trips in that manner. By definition, an Invoice is an itemized bill for services provided. An Invoice is created after the jobs have been finished & settled.

Once an invoice is created it can be found under the Outstanding Invoices tab in the Receivables function of Limo Anywhere. The next logical step is to receive payment for the services rendered as represented in the invoice which is covered in this article.
Receive Invoice Payment
  1. Click on the Receivables icon on the toolbar.
  2. Select the Receive Payments tab.
  3. A list of all Unpaid Invoices will be displayed grouped by Billing Contact.
  4. Click on the plus sign next to the Billing Contact to see a list of outstanding invoices.  
  5. Click "Apply Payments to This Account" to bring up the Customer Payment screen.
  6. On this screen the green check of the Customer Payment represents the payment from the customer. This could be a Check, Cash, Credit Card, or even Credits; or any Payment Method set up by the limousine company.  Examples for the more common Payment Methods are illustrated below.
Credit Card Payment 
  1. Select Payment Method "Credit Card" from the drop down list.
  2. The option "Pay with an existing card" will be selected by default, or select "Pay with a new card"
  3. In the "Stored Credit Cards" field click the drop down list arrow, and select the appropriate valid stored card.
  4. The credit card information will populate into the Credit Card Number, Expiration Date, and Address fields
  5. Enter the Amount to be applied to this transaction
  6. Enter any Payment Memo information.
  7. Select the "Use Gateway" option if the payment is being processed through the Limo Anywhere Real-time Payment Processing Module. When a credit card payment is processed through Limo Anywhere the Authorization/Ref# and Transaction ID fields will auto populate with those values after processing the payment. If the payment is not processed through Limo Anywhere the Use Gateway option should be un-checked.
  8. Select the correct gateway from the Gateway drop down list. The default gateway will be automatically selected. If the payment is not processed through Limo Anywhere the Gateway step is not required.
Cash or Check
  1. Select Payment Methods "Cash" or "Check" from the drop down list.
  2. Enter the Amount to be applied to this transaction. Note: If a single check from a Company is being applied to multiple Billing Contact Accounts enter the amount for the total to be applied to this account and note this in the Payment Memo.
  3. Enter any Payment Memo information such as the check number.

Processing a Payment Against the Account Balance
For information on creating an Account Credit Balance see the Knowledge Base article Creating an Invoice Credit.

  1. Select the Payment Method "CREDITS"
  2. Enter the Amount to be applied to this transaction. By default whenever CREDITS is selected as the Payment Method the Amount will be populated by balance in Available Credits Note: If an invoice is to be only partially paid for with credits apply the credit amount first, and then run another payment transaction in the appropriate Payment Method for the balance.
  3. Enter any Payment Memo information

Regardless of the Payment Method there are two options that can be selected to communicate the payment action to your customer.  Click the check box to...

  • Email a paid copy of invoice if invoice is paid in full 
  • Email payment receipt for current transaction

Applying the Payment

Apply a Payment to an Invoice
  1. Check the box in "X" column to select the invoices the payment is to apply to
  2. Selecting the invoice will populate the amount being paid into the Apply column if the amount of the payments is at equal to or greater than the Amount Due. If a different amount of the payment is to apply it may be entered in the Apply column. Helpful Hint: An alternative to entering the payment amount in the Customer Payment "check" is to select the invoices first. The total of the amounts entered in the Apply column will populate the Amount field in the "check".
  3. Click "Save Payment" to process the payment.
Apply a Payment to Specific Trips Within an Invoice 
  1. Notice the  "+" or "-" sign between the check box to select the invoice and the Invoice # (highlighted orange).
  2. "+" expands the view and shows all the trips in the invoice
  3. "-" collapses the selection hiding the trips in the invoice
  4. Select which trips to apply the tial payment to by clicking the check box next to each Confirmation # (highlighted blue).
  5. The payment amounts will automatically populate in the Apply column until the total payment amount is reached (highlighted green).  The amount applied to any Confirmation # can be adjusted by clicking on the amount in the Apply column and entering a different amount.
  6. When all amounts are entered correctly click the "Save Payment" (highlighted red) button to process payment and retain the entered selections.
After a payment is processed on an invoice the invoice will either have an outstanding balance or be paid in full. Invoices with a remaining balance due can be found in the Outstanding Invoice tab. Invoices that are paid in full are found in the Paid Invoice tab, and will be marked Paid In full as illustrated below.



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