State and Status Mapping Workflow

Introducing State and Status Mapping for Dispatch and DriverAnywhere

On August 19th, Limo Anywhere made a significant update to our status mapping that will act as the foundation for many of our new products, specifically the driver and passenger apps, as well as planned future development of dispatch functionality.

This functionality allows Limo Anywhere to interpret the status a trip is in, so that features appropriate to that state or status can be deployed. For customer-facing example, understanding that a trip is in the state "On the Way" allows us to know that driver GPS coordinates should be sent from the driver app to the passenger app for ride trackability. For a dispatch example, understanding that a trip is "unassigned" allows us to enter the trip into an algorithm to provide suggested automatic dispatch functionality.

There are few steps you can take to optimize how this will work for your company.

Statuses Available for Use With Driver Anywhere

The first step is to properly set up your statuses for use with Driver Anywhere.  

Go to "Dispatch" and select "Manage Statuses":

In the "Status List" tab, you want to be sure that the status used to send a trip to a driver and the status used to confirm a driver has accepted a trip are NOT checked in the column "Hide from Drv".  NOTE: It is strongly recommended the status "Dispatched (DSP)" be used to send a trip to a driver because it is hard coded to also "Send the Driver SMS Message".  The default status to indicate a driver has accepted a trip is "Assigned (ASN)".
The "Status List" tab shows the statuses the driver will use when the operate the trip should be checked in the column "Drv Sel Allowed". These are the statuses that will indicate the driver is:

  • On the way to the pickup location
  • Has arrived at the pick up location but does not have the customer yet
  • The customer is in the car
  • The customer has been dropped off

Below is an illustration of the proper set up of the Status List tab:

Before leaving the "Manage Statuses" pop-up window, click the "Status Order" tab. In the "DriverAnywhere" column shaded blue, order that statuses in the logical order they will occur during a trip.  They can be moved by dragging and dropping them with the mouse. Click "Save Sort Order" when done.

Status to State Mapping

Now, we need to map the statuses for the "Operator Flow" and "Driver Flow". Click on "My Office", and in the "Company Settings" tab select "Company Preferences" then "System Mapping". In "System Mapping" select the "Statuses" tab.  NOTE: The Service Types tab is not being utilized at this time and is designated for future development.

To map a status simply drag it and drop it using the mouse.

"Operator Flow" should be mapped as follows:

"Driver Flow" should be mapped as follows:

NOTE:  Many Limo Anywhere uses have customized the name of the status to meet the specific needs of their operation.  The name of the status is not important, but mapping the status to the appropriate state is very important to the efficient operation of your Limo Anywhere system.

If you need assistance with this new feature in Limo Anywhere please contact the Limo Anywhere Support staff either vie email (; or by phone 
at 888-888-0302 (extension 2) between the hours of 8A and 7P US central time Monday through Friday.

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