How to Hide Jobs from Drivers Before Final Assignments are Completed

How to Hide Jobs from Drivers Before Final Assignments are Completed

In response to feedback from multiple operators, Limo Anywhere has updated the capabilities allowing jobs - and the option to accept or reject trips - to be hidden from drivers on the new DriverAnywhere 3.0 app for Android when in the "offered" state, before final driver assignments are completed.

To enable this setting, navigate to My Office => Company Preferences => Reservations and select "No" from the option "Auto offer trip when driver is applied".

Upon selecting "No" for this option, a new state “Offered to Driver” will be created in your Status Mapping where you can place the trip status designating when you want the trip to be "offered" to the driver for acceptance or rejection.

When this option is set to "No", the dispatcher must set the appropriate trip status (as determined by company Status Mapping) before the driver will be notified or see the trip in DriverAnywhere 3.0. This can be useful when trying to set dispatch assignments ahead of time without notifying drivers until the schedule is finalized.

To bypass the "Accept or Reject" option whatsoever and forcibly assign trips to drivers, select "No" on the option to auto offer trips to drivers, leave the "Offered to Driver" status empty, and put your assigned/accepted statuses into the column "Assigned/Accepted".

We hope this helps!

The Limo Anywhere Team

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