August 28th, 2015

Passenger Mobile App Announcement

We are excited to announce that with the approval of our first app in the App Store this morning, development on our passenger mobile app for iOS is officially complete! Wondering what the app looks like? See a short demonstration of the user interface and capabilities of a live mobile app by clicking here.

Below, you will find important details about the deployment process and price of the app. Please be sure to read these carefully!

Price for the Passenger Mobile App
Limo Anywhere does not believe in charging large upfront fees for existing customers to gain access to new product functionality. However, given the exceptionally high demand for the passenger mobile app and the custom nature of the product, we believe a one-time prioritization fee is the most efficient way to allow the most keen operators to receive an app first.

At this time, the one-time prioritization fee to receive an app as soon as possible will be $499, and the monthly fee for the app is $99.

Once mobile apps are deployed for those customers paying the prioritization fee, we will eliminate the fee and offer the mobile app for only a three-month deposit upfront.

Deployment Process for the Passenger Mobile App
On Tuesday, September 8th, we will send an e-mail linking to the website which allows those operators who desire to pay the prioritization fee to submit their information and receive a follow-up call from our deployment team.

Once you are in contact with our deployment team, we will process payment and request a high-resolution logo from you as well as your input on certain app preferences (app colors, icons, background pictures, and company settings), allowing us to build your custom, branded app.

Deployment Timeline
While we expect there to be a queue of customers to service, the process to customize and deploy apps can be done very quickly if the logo and settings preferences are available, meaning you can have an approved app in the App Store for your customers within 1-2 weeks of our team contacting you. Upon first contact, our team will provide you an estimated time to deployment for your particular app.

We look forward to helping you to become a leader in mobile with your customers!

Thank you,
The Limo Anywhere Team

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