August 31st, 2015

DriverAnywhere Mobile App Announcement

We are excited to announce that development on our new driver mobile app for Android is complete! The new app contains many updates, including a new user interface, a different user experience, added functionality, and (of course!) much better battery life. Please read carefully below for some need-to-know facts about the new app's functionality and deployment.

App Deployment
The new DriverAnywhere will be progressively released to drivers via the Google Play Store between September 9th and September 11th. Some of your drivers will likely receive the update on the 9th, while others may receive it later in the week. Be sure you've reviewed this e-mail before your drivers update!

Major Changes to App Functions
In the new DriverAnywhere, we have introduced several new features affecting user experience.

Job Cards

Job cards are simple reservation summaries, with vehicle requirements (an exclamation point signifies a mismatch between the vehicle a driver is signed into and the requested vehicle) and colored icons indicating if special situations on a job exist. From left to right, the icons signify (first row) "multiple passengers", "payment collection required", "child seat required", "handicap access required", (second row) "additional stops", "greeting sign required", "suitcases present", and "special instructions". Additional detail can be found by tapping the "Ride Details".

Updated Mapping Capabilities

When a driver selects the routing info from a job card, the app will present a map. From here, drivers can refresh driving directions (circular arrow in the top right) or send the route to Google Maps (right turn sign second from right at the top of the screen).

"On Duty" Option
Drivers will have the option to go "On Duty", signaling that they are "free" for work. What's this for, you ask? *Cough* because on-demand is coming *cough*.

New Payments Functionality
Drivers will be able to take payment at any time during the trip, and passengers will also have the option to add additional tip.

Custom Greeting Signs
Companies will now be able to customize the text available on greeting signs for customers.

Additional Considerations
As announced earlier this month, the new DriverAnywhere works with a defined job flow, which is set in the "System Mapping" section of your Company Preferences. Drivers will only be able to progress "forward" in the job flow, and will only be prompted with statuses which follow this job flow. While drivers will have the ability to choose statuses "outside" the job flow (such as "At Stop with Customer") it is imperative that your system mapping and driver profiles are set up correctly to enable this functionality. If you have any questions about your system mapping, please be sure to reach out to our Support Team at 888-888-0302 (extension 2) or

We look forward to this next generation of DriverAnywhere, and the exciting products this allows us to build for you next!

Thank you,
The Limo Anywhere Team  

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