September 4th, 2015

Enhancements to Distance-Based Pricing Functionality

As part of our release on Wednesday, September 9th, we will be upgrading our address location services to a single new provider, and adding additional functionality regarding airport pick-ups and drop-offs to our distance-based pricing feature.

Why Are We Making This Change?
Unifying our location services with one provider will solve an issue reported by users of discrepancies between quoted distances in the online reservations system (version 4) and the Limo Anywhere reservation and dispatch software. Additionally, by using a single distance for airport routes, the possibility of receiving different quotes for the same airport route will be eliminated. We expect this change to significantly enhance the user experience for both operators using our software and end consumers using our online reservations system.

What Are the Potential Impacts to My Business?
For a minority of users, there will be small differences in the distance calculations on certain routes you have been using for distance-based pricing in the Limo Anywhere reservation and dispatch software. While these mileage differences are typically small (less than 1/2 mile), the calculated rates could differ from your normal operation.

To discuss these changes further, please reach out to our Support Team at 888-888-0302 (option 2) or e-mail

Thank you,

The Limo Anywhere Team  

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