September 7th, 2016

Release Notes - September 7, 2016

After a series of large-scale projects, we're back on our regular release schedule!

This week's release was focused on enhancing the new LA Net product, as well as fixing a few bugs that popped up after the last release.

For additional details, please see below.

Minor Improvements

  • Added option for zero lead time on affiliate work for companies without ORES 4
  • Added option to settle rides at any time for any ride sent via LA Net
  • Added affiliate driver tags to Scheduled SMS tag menu

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with re-farming rejected rides
  • Fixed issue with non-editable credit card info on affiliate accounts
  • Fixed issue with processing certain credit card formats
  • Fixed issue with receiving errant quote notifications
  • Fixed issue with certain vehicle types missing in Partner Mapping

Thank you,

The Limo Anywhere Team

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