August 23rd, 2016

Real-Time Updates via LA Net Are Here!

The wait is over!

The days of calling, texting, or e-mailing for status updates on farm-out rides no longer need to exist. With our new, enhanced version of LA Net, you can automatically receive driver and vehicle information, status updates, GPS, and final billing information from all of your affiliates using Limo Anywhere. And it's completely free!

Preparation for Using LA Net 
If you have not already, please ensure you have mapped your rates and vehicles for us with LA Net. For more information, please reference this e-mail sent last week. If you haven't completed these easy steps, you will be unable to use the new LA Net properly.

How to Turn on Real-Time Updates
Once mapping is complete, it's as easy as checking a box, and you're ready to go. But, to ensure you're receiving updates as well as sending them, ensure your affiliates are participating as well. Please reference this support article for a complete explanation.

We look forward to your enjoyment of the new LA Net!

Thank you,

The Limo Anywhere Team

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