TomTom GPS Setup

Limo Anywhere has partnered with TomTom to enable enhanced GPS tracking that integrates with Limo Anywhere.

To request more information on TomTom GPS you can go here:


  1. Your WEBFLEET account administrator should log in to with the admin credentials.
  2. Click more in the main menu and select users from the list.
  3. Create a new user that you will use in your Limo Anywhere setup and hit the Save
  4. Click on the account to highlight it then hit the Edit button on the User data
  5. Choose “Administrator” under Profile settings then click on the Advanced
  6. Choose the External tab and select the Access to interface WEBFLEET.connect check boxes (NOTE: that you will not be able to access the Advanced features for the user you are logged in as).
  7. Click OK to close this dialogue the save your settings from the main user Window.
  8. You can close this window once you see the Data Saved
  9. Check your email and create a permanent password.

Enabling TomTom GPS in Limo Anywhere

  1. Click on My Office
  2. Click on the Company Settings tab
  3. Click on the Third Party Plug-ins button
  4. Click on TomTom GPS tab
  5. By Default the activation Status is set to Disabled
  6. Select Enabled
  7. Enter in WEBFLEET Account, User Name, and Password
  8. Click Save to retain selection

Pair TomTom GPS units with Limo Anywhere Vehicles

  1. Click on My Office on the Limo Anywhere tool bar
  2. Click on the Company Resources tab
  3. Click the Fleet button
  4. Click to select the vehicle to which the tracking device is added
  5. Click Edit Vehicle
  6. Click the "Configure GPS Set up" Link
  7. In the pop up window enter the Car GPS Code, which is the WEBFLEET Object ID
  8. Select the Provider TomTomGPS
  9. Click Update to save the entry 
  10. Repeat this process for each Vehicle in the Fleet where a device was installed.

Once setup, you will be able to view vehicles on Dispatch>GPS tab.
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