January 17, 2018

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To kick off 2018, we're showing you what we have in store for you and looking back on our accomplishments in 2017. We couldn't have done it without you!



January 17, 2018 Release Updates


Bug Fixes

  • Credit Cards Expiring in 2022 not accepted
    • Credit Card maximum expiration date can be 10 years from current year
  • Quick Res Widget not looking up rates correctly
  • Company logo not loading on PDF and printable forms


  • Additional Airlines and Airports added
  • Updates to Existing Airlines
  • Additional currencies
  • Minimum mileage for distance-based pricing
  • Ability to tie a Rate Matrix to Service type in ORES 4


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The New Limo Anywhere Mobile App!

Now you can manage your business while on the go. 

The New Driven Anywhere Mobile App!
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Looking back at 2017
Last year was amazing and it's all because of you! Check out what we did!


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