Minimum Mileage for Distance-Based Pricing and the Ability to Tie a Rate Matrix to Service Type

We want to call your attention to two significant enhancements to Limo Anywhere that were deployed last week.  They are the Minimum Mileage for Distance-Based Pricing, and the Ability to Tie a Rate Matrix to Service Type in ORES 4.  Both of these desrve some further explanation.

Minimum Mileage for Distance-Based Pricing

  • What is this?
    • Allows the Limo Anywhere operator to set a minimum price for each Vehicle Type for the first mile which would not be prorated in the customer was going less than one mile.
  • How to use this?
    • Set up your Distance Based Pricing with the cost of the first mile being the minimum you would charge for that Vehicle Type
    • Determine how many miles/km you would transport a customer for that price.
    • Enter the distance you would travel minus 1 at $0.00 per mile or km
    • Determine the amount you want for each additional mile/km for this Vehicle Type
    • Enter that value in the all additional miles
    • Here is an illustration of how that will appear in Limo Anywhere.
    • For complete Instructions on how to set up Distance Based Pricing click here.
  • Why is this important?
    • Previous to this enhancement if a customer booked a trip less than 1 mile/km they would be charged a prorated portion of that rate so no minimum per Vehicle type could be established.
    • Distance Based Pricing should be set up for all Vehicle Types that are going to be in the ORES where a point to point rate would be displayed. That way even if someone requests a ride outside of what is set up with Fixed Rates a price will be displayed.  If someone visits your site, and a price is not displayed they may go to another operator….and you will never know.
    • Using Distance Based Rate Matrixes a different minimum can be set up for other cities outside of your service area. For example you could have a Chicago Rate, a Los Angeles Rate, and a New York City rate that are all different even if you operate in Dallas.  You can display accurate pricing for your clients in any city they travel to.


Ability to Tie a Rate Matrix to Service Type

  • What is this?
    • A specific and different from default rate can now be tied to a specific service type in ORES 4. This enables the operator to scale pricing up or down for seasonality, or for time of high or low demand.
  • How to use this?
    • Go to My Office > Company Settings tab > System Settings > Service Types
    • Click on Service Type name you want to assign rate matrix
    • When clicked a pop up window will be displayed so that a rate matrix other than default can be selected. When selected that new matrix will apply.
    • If nothing is changed here the default rate matrix will applymatrixassign.png
    • For complete Instructions on how to use Rate Matrixes in ORES4 click here.
  • Why is this important?
    • Default pricing cannot apply in every circumstance. You can now differentiate the pricing displayed for a given Service Type allowing pricing to be scaled up for high demand events or seasons.   
    • Examples of when this would be used
      • Pricing for a unique event like the Super Bowl or other high profile events.
      • Pricing for specific destination/events like major arenas or concert venues.
      • Certain Service types that require different pricing like Proms
      • Apply higher or lower rates to account for seasonality. A summer vacation market could easily change rates to account for decreased demand in off peak months.


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