Setting up Driven Anywhere

Driven Anywhere allows your customer to book a reservation easily from their mobile device.

You will need to make sure to follow the steps below to ensure your customer can book on a trip on Driven Anywhere.

Set System Default Service Types

  1. Go to My Office>Company Preferences>System Mapping
  2. Map your default Service Types for Hourly, To/From Airport, and Point-to-Point services


Activate Default Service Types on ORES 4.0

  1. Go to My Office>Online Reservation System>ORES 4.0
  2. Activate the default Service Types you just mapped under the Service Types tab by checking the Active box
  3. Select the Pricing Type for the Service Types (Hourly, Fixed, Fixed-or-Distance, Passenger)



Set Time Restrictions and Option to Display Rates

  1. Go to My Office>Online Reservation System>ORES 4.0>Settings tab
  2. Set up your Time Restrictions for Creating Reservations and Modifying Reservations
  3. Set Calculate and Display Rates to YES or NO based on your preference



  1. Colors: On the right hand side under the picture of the phone Select "Home" then you can change your colors to your liking and see an example of what it will look like to customer
  2. Be sure to Click "Save" button to save your changes


Note: Background Photo does not apply to Driven Anywhere.

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