What are the differences between the custom-branded passenger app and Driven Anywhere?

The main difference between the custom-branded passenger app and Driven Anywhere is that the custom-branded app is branded for your company with your name and logo icon, whereas Driven Anywhere is a single sign-on app that is branded as Driven Anywhere.

For the custom-branded passenger app, you provide the logo you want for the icon and in the app store the app will be listed as your company and will provide details and information for your company.

For Driven Anywhere, it is one, universal app that every customer will download and is listed as Driven Anywhere in Google Play and Apple App Store. This is not branded for your company until the customer actually logs into the app for your company. You can see more info here.


Custom-branded passenger app - $599 upfront and $99/month

Driven Anywhere - FREE

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